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Capture the beauty of a winter wood in this minimalist interpretation of a birch grove. Use my Guided Improv technique to easily "plant" trees in your own wooded grove that you can enjoy year-round! FYI times listed are approx due to show reschedule.


Mary's Contrary Garden at Road at Home

Use the easy, improv-ish stitch and flip style piecing to create beautiful blooms and plant your own ever-blooming garden. This easy, relaxed piecing creates a fun, cheerful quilt that will stitch up quickly!

Boundaries at Mad B's Sewing

Join me at Mad B's Sewing to make Boundaries!

Feb 12
35th Avenue Melon Blossoms Workshop
Feb 12
Melon Blossom at 35th Ave Sew & Vac
Feb 13
35th Avenue Pointed Comments Workshop