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Introducing Tucker University Classes!
Currently being offered at Stitch'n Quilt, Mableton GA
See calendar for specific class schedule, including dates and times

Introducing Tucker University!


What is Tucker University?  Tucker University is a new and exciting opportunity to help quilters build their skills and accuracy. Each class covers a different Studio 180 Design tool along with ways to expand the use of the tool.  Students will make 4" finished units so that they can combine and create new blocks. The creativity is contagious!


Studio 180 Design Tools offer:

  • Multiple sizes on every tool (one tool, many possibilities)
  • Slightly oversized construction for precision trimming for precise unit sizes
  • Left and Right handed cutting instructions
  • Technique Sheets for additional technique options for each tool
  • Free videos with the additional help for every tool and technique


Class Fees:  $25 per class, includes the laminated Design Sheet, which offers cutting charts for more sizes, color planning aids, and 20-30 additional different blocks that can be made with the class tool.  Hint:  You may want to get a binder to organize all of the great info and design sheets.


Each class will offer instruction on a different Studio 180 tool.  You’ll be making 4” units that can be combined to create exciting new blocks!  If you make all of your units from the same fabric grouping, you could stitch up a sampler at the end of the course!  Classes will build on each other, but can be taken independent of each other as well.  Note:  You will need the tool required for each class.


Course Offering:


Saturday Sept 8      10am – 1pm             Tucker Trimmer 1

Saturday Oct 13      10am – 1pm*          V Block

Saturday Nov 10     10am – 1pm             Wing Clipper

Saturday Dec 8       10am – 1pm             Square Squared

Saturday Jan 12      10am – 1pm             Corner Beam

Saturday Feb 9        10am – 1pm             Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Saturday Mar 9       10am – 1pm             Corner Pop

Saturday April 13   10am – 1pm             Split Rects

Saturday May 11    10am – 1pm             Diamond Rects

Saturday June 15    10am – 1pm             Large Square Squared

Saturday July 13     10am – 1pm             Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Advanced I

Saturday Aug 10     10am – 1pm             Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Advanced II

            *this class MAY need to be rescheduled due to upcoming family addition!


Instructor:  Tammy Silvers, Certified Studio 180 Instructor