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                              HACK THAT QUILT PATTERN!

Maybe you have a favorite pattern, but you want to do something different with it.




Or maybe you really love the technique, the block, or the style of the quilt but making a large quilt is too time consuming.




Maybe you LOVE the pattern, but don’t have all the fabrics it calls for – and you really just want to bust your stash!




Or maybe you want to give a traditional pattern a modern twist.




Then Hack that Quilt Pattern is for you!




In this live online class, we will explore some fun reworkings of Tamarinis patterns (of course) You will complete the class with ideas to inspire and direct you in your own pattern hacks!




We will discuss some practical approaches to dissecting a pattern to determine exactly WHAT fabric and HOW MUCH of each you will need for your hack, and talk about creating a game plan for your creation so that you have the most successful project possible!




You’ll finish the class with ideas on how to hack your stash of patterns, as well as useful handouts you can reference again and again!




I’m excited to explore with you!

Class:  Saturday, February 19th        12pm ET Online via Zoom

Cost:    $25.00  (but if you sign up before 12/31/2021, the cost is only $15.00 - and folks it will NEVER be lower!)

What do you need to have for class?  So glad you asked!  Nothing but your hot, creative self and a note pad to take notes!  Oh, and a desire to explore, create and imagine!  We are going to have soooo much fun!