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Hot Summer Quilting



It's Hot - so I'm Quilting

Because that's what we do, right?  Quilt.  When it's cold outside.  When it is raining.  When we are upset.  When we are happy (and when we're quilting, we're pretty much ALWAYS happy, am I right?!).  When we are sad.  When it is hot.  But....besides quilting, there are few things going on that I thought you might be interested in during these hot, steamy, rainy, and sometimes sunny summer days.


Did you know:
I have all of my patterns tested by pattern testers?  Yep, I do.  Why?  To help increase accuracy in pattern instructions.  Mistakes are going to happen, even with the talented pattern testers I use, but by having more outside stitchers work with a pattern, they are minimized.

So what is a pattern tester?  A pattern tester is a trusted individual (mine sign a non-disclosure) that volunteer to make a yet-unpublished pattern, and provide detailed feedback on the pattern in an effort to improve the pattern before it is printed.  

While many designers use pattern testers, the way they approach the testing process varies.  For me, my pattern testers choose the pattern they want to test (they have super secret advance access to upcoming Tamarinis patterns.'re already intrigued, aren't you?).  They typically have three weeks to stitch up the quilt top and provide detailed feedback.  

Meet one of my stellar pattern testers, Gayle Allen Grier!

I can't sing the praises of my pattern testers enough.  They are an essential part of the process.  What are the qualities of a great pattern tester?

Gayle has been quilting since 2003, so does she know what she's doing? Ummm...that would be a great big yes!

I'm always fascinated by what got people into the most amazing hobby in the world.  Like many of us, she grew up around quilters and sewers. 

But she tells it best:  As a child I watched my mom and her sisters sit around a quilt frame and was always put to bed with quilts made by my grandmother so quilts are very important to me.  My mom could see a dress style and use a similar pattern to make any dress and sewed lots for my sisters and me but she only made one quilt from start to finish.  I thought of sewing as something every woman did. But, early on I knew garment sewing was not for me.  So, as our children began to leave home, I needed a hobby and quilting was it.  I watched “Simply Quilts” with Alex Anderson for a year or two before I went to a beginners class.  After that first quilt I was totally hooked!

What is her fav thing about quilting?  No surprise here - it's working with fabric! Hands up if that's your fav too.  I thought so!

Her favorite projects?  Paper piecing (a secret vice of mine too!)and improv.  Do I spy a bit of improv in this project of hers?  And like most of us, she has more than a few scraps, and is working to reduce her scrap pile.  Good luck, Gayle!

Surprising fact?  She doesn't sell her quilts. Nope, she gives them away to charity organizations or to lucky friends and family.  Her best practice?  Sewing daily.  Good advice!  I think we could all use a bit more fabric and stitching in our lives!

Thank you, Gayle!  I couldn't do it without you!

Upcoming Events
Some fun blog hops starting this summer - so mark your calendar!

Fiesta de Azucar 2017:  Started July 1.  This is NOT your typical blog hop.  So if you are a fan of sugar skulls, if you like something a little different, if you like fused applique with some fun stitching, or if you are just a stitching fanatic, check it out! More info is on the Facebook page (link above).  Of course there are prizes - and more importantly, awesome sugar skulls from nine different designers!  Come join the fun!
Look at the first two blocks!

Hello Blog Hop: Begins July 16th.  This blog hop features different designers' projects using Swirly Girls Design's new Hello fabric from Michael Miller.  More info to come!

Batiks Go Retro Blog Hop:  Begins September 11th.  This blog hop features different designers' projects using my Batiks Go Retro fabric line from Island Batik.  And guess what - more info to come!

Thanks for sharing the quilting passion with me.  Happy stitching!

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