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Sew Away Summer Camp
August 22nd - August 26th: Join us the week of August 22nd, when three designers (myself, Jen Frost of Faith and Fabric and Swan Sheridan of Swan Amity Studios) will be bringing you a fun filled summer camp!
The projects will all be small (how awesome is that?) and giftable.  So if you are like me and love to pile on the hand made gifts at holiday time, this is PERFECTION ON A STICK!
We will run the camp via email.  You'll get one email a day, with details on the projects for the day (most days will have at two projects), downloadable pdf instructions and links to videos.
The project line up and supply lists will all be available August 3rd.  And you still have time to register!  Camp doesn't start until August 22nd.  The projects are all fairly small, and chances are good you have most - if not all - of what you need already!
So what will we be doing in Sew Away Summer Camp?

Campers, the Activities Counselors have been huddled around the campfire, dreaming up fun projects for this Sew Away Summer Camp.  After we wiped off the sticky roasted marshmallow goo, here are just a FEW of the projects we came up with!  Hint: we are saving some as surprise (but you won't be disappointed!)

                  * Fabric Bowls

                  * Infinity Scarf

                  * Removable Poker Table Cover

                  * Seed Organizer

                  * Quilt Block Pillow Case

More projects will be coming, and there may even be a few bonus projects and activities thrown in during the five day camp.

The cost to camp is $30, and includes nine patterns + bonus projects plus a night of sewing around the virtual campfire live with us. Sign up now!