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Hack That Quilt Pattern Print Workbook

Maybe you have a favorite pattern, but you want to do something different with it.


Or maybe you really love the technique, the block, or the style of the quilt but making a large quilt is too time consuming.


Maybe you LOVE the pattern, but don’t have all the fabrics it calls for – and you really just want to bust your stash!


Or maybe you want to give a traditional pattern a modern twist.


Then Hack that Quilt Pattern Workbook is for you!  

Developed from my popular class - conveniently called Hack That Quilt Pattern (grin) - this workbook provides a broad overview on how to approach hacking a quilt pattern to suit your individual needs.  The workbook is spiral bound and includes workbook pages that walk you through how to approach different calculations for adjusting a pattern to suit your needs, as well as a handy reference page with formulas that you are sure to refer to again and again.  It even includes a sample pattern you can use to try out the technique!

Looking for the download version?  You can find it here on my Etsy shop: