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What is the Mystery Block Challenge?

Each month, I send out FOUR emails - fabric requirements, unit construction 1, unit construction 2, and block assembly. 

You can sign up at any time during the month. 

Clues are emailed on Thursdays, beginning with the first Thursday of each month (with a few exceptions). 

Pull your fabrics based on Week 1 email, and then assemble your units in Week 2 and Week 3.  Week 4 you will receive instructions on how to assemble your block.

Each block finishes at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  

The structure of the Mystery Block challenge is pretty straightforward:

          Week 1:  You find out what fabrics you need, and any special preparation recommendations
          Week 2:  Instructions on making a unit (or two!) needed for the block
          Week 3:  Instructions on making more units
          Week 4:  The block is revealed, and final assembly instructions

There's even a Facebook group for participants, where you can share your fabric pulls, your progress, and your final blocks!  How fun is that?  I know - super fun!

Sound like fun?  Great!  Click the image above - or the link below - to sign up.  A new challenge will start each month!

So how long will this challenge run?
     I started the challenge in June of 2022.  By the end of May, participants that were in the Mystery Block Challenge from the
    beginning will have (12) 12 1/2" blocks finished.  The Mystery Block Challenge will conclude in May 2023.

So what happens in June, 2023?
     In June of 2023, I'll offer up some layout options so you can complete your Mystery Block Challenge.  But wait....there's more!

Coming in June, 2023:
     A new Mystery Block Challenge Club!  If you've enjoyed the Mystery Block Challenge, I'll release exciting news in April regarding
     the new Mystery Block Challenge Club.  I'm super excited to take the Mystery Block to the next level and can't wait to share it 
     with you!